Monday, December 1, 2008

So many scholarships--so little time!

Most of us feel short of money.  The feeling is possibly even more common for college students.  Scholarships are one way to improve your situation in this respect.  The problem is that finding scholarships and applying for them takes time, and most of us feel pressed for time as well as money. 

To use your time effectively, you need a strategy to help you focus on the scholarships that offer the best risk (your time)/reward (the scholarship) profile for you.  I can't emphasize the words "for you" enough.  Fastweb has a database of well over a million scholarships.  By the time you applied for them all you'd be ready to retire, not go to college.

Why not spend a little time reading my brief articles (listed in the sidebar on the right) on scholarship strategy?  It's the same advice I've given to my students for years.

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