Thursday, December 25, 2008

Start thinking about your FAFSA application now!

In terms of financial help with college, there is nothing that most students can do that is nearly as import as completing their FAFSA application in the very near future.  As a practical matter, the timing is perfect as the FAFSA is based largely on the same information you and your parents will be using to file your tax returns.

Forget about the deadline you see (June 30, 2009) at the FAFSA web site.  States typically have earlier deadlines (find your state deadline here), and colleges may have even earlier deadlines.

Imagine this.  Financial aid officials at your first choice college are sitting around a table in February.  They're reviewing a list and planning to offer some campus based aid to prospective students.  You qualify perfectly!  You should be at the top of their list.  You're not though, because you didn't get around to filing the FAFSA yet.

They will never mention this, and you'll never know what you missed.  Sad, isn't it?  Please read more or get to work on your FAFSA now!

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