Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Avoiding Unnecessary College Debt

Kiplinger has a good article on avoiding college debt available here. The entire article is worth a read, but the real gem, at least in my mind is this:
"Think outside the box. Students can follow the example of one of our top Kiplinger editors, who started at a lower-cost community college and then transferred to a four-year school. "

At this time of year, many students have NO IDEA what what will happen when they submit their FAFSA early next year.  That makes financial aid of all types a financial wild card.  So go ahead if you'd like, and apply to that $50,000 a year private school--but hedge your bet.

The best way to do that is to make sure to include an in-state public college and a community college on you list of colleges to apply to.  Find out about articulation agreements and what they can do for you.  Finally, when your FAFSA is done, and you get your financial aid letters, don't forget to compare the cost of doing your first two years at your local community college.  It could mean the difference between graduating with $20,000 of debt instead of $80,000--or more!

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Thanks for the kind word, and for stopping by. I have some more college content (geared more towards college selection, applications, etc.) at College Planning Guide.