Tuesday, July 19, 2011

This Scholarship is not for You!

That's right.  The chances are probably 1 in a million that you qualify for this scholarship.  Don't believe me?  Use the link below to check out the eligibility criteria.   okay, now you can see them probably right, and you don't qualify for that scholarship.
"We have started the English Customer Education Fund to let our customers know that helping your children further their education is important to us.  With this program it will allow the English Septic family including all of you to provide scholarships to students to accomplish what they might not have been able to without it.  We believe that this is best achieved with community involvement.  The English Customer Education Fund is set up primary for those children who have worked hard, stayed on track with their goals, and who are affiliated English clients.Qualifying Factors"

via Septic Services, Septic Pumping South Jersey & New Jersey, Portable Toilet Company.

Don't waste your time thinking about how you're at a disadvantage with this with this scholarship.  Instead, think about all the scholarships that must be in your neighborhood where you have the huge advantage.

When I wrote College Scholarships 101, I mentioned the idea of turning on your scholarship radar.  That simply means looking for scholarships in all the places that are easiest for you.  Start with your high school guidance office.  Check out unions or professional organizations that your parents belong to.  And think about businesses in the community.  Any of these can be a great source of scholarship opportunities.  And the great thing is with the scholarships, you'll have the million to one advantage.

PS  Look for an updated copy of College Scholarships 101 available here at no charge on August 1st!


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