Monday, September 12, 2011

Prudential Spirit of Community Awards Scholarships for 2011

The Prudential Spirit of Community Awards Scholarships are an opportunity for students with a history of community service to earn up to $5,000.

To learn how you might be judged in this competition, check out the link at the bottom of the first page "selecting honorees." At the bottom of that page, you'll note that this scholarship is
open to students in grades five through 12. You will also see that the four criteria on which students shall be judged are initiative, effort, impact, and personal growth. A brief explanation of each of those criteria is also included on the page.

At the top of this page. Click the link "about the program." There is lots of important information on this page, including who is eligible, what are the qualifications, and finally the deadline for

At the top of this page you can click that. How to apply link and begin your application online.

PS Why not pick up my free scholarship guide while you're here?

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