Sunday, September 22, 2013

Dr Pepper Tuition Giveaway October and December 2013

The Dr. Pepper Tuition Giveaway is a chance to compete and win prizes of $10,000 or even $100,000!  If your willing to share some Facebook information and try to get others to vote for you, you might win BIG MONEY!
"If you're a student between the ages of 18-24 you can tell us your one of a kind story to enter for the chance to compete to win up to $100,000 in tuition.
You'll be eligible to submit a video once you reach 50 votes. Dr Pepper will select finalists for a chance to compete to win up to $100,000 in tuition at a college football championship game. In addition, if you reach the top 5 of the $10k Leaderboard when voting ends, you could win $10,000 in tuition."
There are a lot of moving parts with this contest.  Just check out these deadlines:
"$100,000 Tuition Contest: October 20, 2013
January Bowl Game $100,000 Tuition Contest: December 13, 2013
$10,000 Tuition Contest: December 13, 2013"
Rather than taking a chance on me missing something key, head on over to the Dr. Pepper Tuition Giveaway site and check it out for yourself!

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