Thursday, September 9, 2010

Our Voice Our Country Scholarship 2010

The Our Voice Our Country Scholarship is open to students age 19-26 who are HS eniors, undergraduate and graduate ollege students, technical and trade school students and those not currently enrolled.

The application itself is a bit tricky.  To finalize the application, you'll need a little help from someone you've never met before.
"After you recommend a problemSolver, follow up with them by email, encouraging your problemSolver(s) to post one or more Solution(s).  By doing so, your entry becomes complete, and their great idea (problem solver solution) can be considered by the American people."

You can let this discourage you, or take heart from the fact that many students won't have the savvy or perseverance to pull this off.

I'd suggest two possible strategies.  First, you might want to ID your "person" and solicit their agreement to help in advance.  Second, you could carefully choose someone who is such a media hound that of course they'll do anything to get some free press. (Think politician, non-profit leader, etc.)

The deadline to enter is midnight, Pacific Standard Time, on October 11th, 2010. You can find more complete information, view videos of past winners' videos, and begin the application process at the

PS  You can see a video of one winner below!

PPS  Did you pick up your free scholarship guide yet?

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