Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Fastwebs's $2,000 Go Bananas Scholarship

OK, so scholarship actually means sweepstakes in this case   What does that mean to you?  Two things. First is that fastweb is hoping to get something out of this.  What do they want?  A little bit of information about you they might already have, and a "like" on Facebook.  That seems fair for a shot at $2K that will take a couple of minutes.

The second thing it means is that you could almost enter in the time it took to read this post.  (OK, an exaggeration  but you can enter really quickly!)

So stop sitting there and go enter!

Oh, and they also want you to visit daily for additional chances to win.  Given how much time you probably spend online, is that really a problem?

1 comment:

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