Wednesday, October 13, 2010 2010 Scholarship is offering college students the chance to compete for scholarships of $1,000 (4) and $5,000 (1) based on an essay contest.

To enter, students must submit an essay on the topic "How can education at the high school level help avert and/or minimize a future foreclosure crisis?" The essay must be 800-2,000 words in length.

The deadline to enter is December 1, 2010. Students can find more information and the link to submit their essay on the scholarship program web page.

The good news is that this year's competition is based on a shorter essay than last year's. That's a small mercy, at least. The bad news is the silliness in this part of the plan: "The best five plans will be sent to the U.S. Department of Education." And the point is????

Anyway, for those with no clue where to start, how about this? Don't encourage the Federal Reserve to push interest rates down to levels that blow up the bubble in the first place. I guess we need to educate all potential federal reserve bankers not to behave like idiots! Just sayin'


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